Improvisation Theatre Class

April 7, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
1823 9th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Welcome to our Improv Theatre Class,

We meet on Saturdays from 10am-1pm in the Parish Hall behind the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church on 9th Street at Hearst in Berkeley, CA.

Doors and kitchen open at 9:45am. Please consider stopping by early to help set up, enjoy a cup of tea and the company of your classmates.

Newcomers are welcome to attend any class.

Please contact Mike Dempsey with any questions or concerns.

Classes are offered on a dana (generosity) basis.

This week we will focus on listening and taking things slowly. With luck, we’ll hit that sweet spot between high energy and easy confidence. There’ll be a lot to get through. So please come on time. We’ll warm up right at 10am and then dive into scene work.

Until Saturday, I leave you with the following:
“Take your time in a scene. Just do one little thing, then the next little thing, then the next little thing after that.” — TJ Jagodowski
“Slow is fast on stage.” — Dave Pasquesi
“How do we take care of our partners? By giving them gifts, saying things about them, helping them play the scene. The tricky part of this is that to do this we have to focus on our partner and the natural human state, especially under pressure (like in the middle of an improv show in front of an audience for instance), is to focus on ourselves. Heck, I could talk about MYSELF all day long. There is nothing more fascinating to ME than ME. To be a good improvisor, however, we need to get past this natural human instinct and FOCUS ON OUR PARTNERS and get good at talking about THEM and giving THEM gifts to play.” — Paul Vaillancourt

Much Metta,


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