Kate Munding: Dharma Talk

August 9, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Berkeley Buddhist Monastery
2304 McKinley Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703

Hello everyone,

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night at the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery for our 7:30 pm sit, followed by the Dharma talk. I will be continuing the topic of how to practice when life is difficult.

Last time we explored forgiveness practice.

This week, we’ll do a “tenderness” practice.

This is a practice that brings in ease to the mind and body, offering relief from our dukkha while also supporting more mental clarity to see through some of our confusion and aversion. This could also be categorized as a compassion practice.

It can be used for stress, grief, and being overwhelmed. It can also be used to prepare for more concentration and steady mindfulness when the mind or body is a bit stirred up.

Something for everyone.

Come practice with us!

See you all soon,
Kate Munding