Ecological Dharma

  • IMCB Ecological Awareness Efforts

Simple Ways to Slow Climate Change: A two-page PDF of suggestions for taking action.

Green Gift Giving Suggestions from Green Sangha and the Ecology Center


  • Green Sangha

Green Sangha combines spiritual practice and environmental work to heal our planet. Their mission is to bring healing to ourselves and the earth through thoughts, words, and actions rooted in love. Their work is inspired by the lives of nonviolent leaders such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., The Dalai Lama, and Julia Butterfly Hill and incorporates a deep ecological perspective based on Joanna Macy’s work. Green Sangha chapters meet once a month to meditate, educate, and support one another and to plan and perform direct environmental actions.


  • IMCB/Green Sangha Collaboration: Damon Slough Environmental Clean-Up Project

In the Spring of 2013, members of the IMCB community joined Green Sangha in an environmental clean up on the Damon Slough Shoreline of Oakland. An entire truck was filled with all kinds of unsightly and harmful debris including micro-garbage; little broken pieces of bright colored plastic, halloween sized candy wrappers, little styrofoam balls that sadly resemble fish eggs and more. Decaying plastic bags begin to shred in jagged strips and covered with mud look just like seaweed. Clean ups of this kind of detail take a lot of work, but the smaller the garbage, the more harmful it is to wildlife. So it’s really great when more of us are moved to do something about the disastrous effects plastic is having on the planet. The more people we can enlist for this project, the more we can reduce the risk for all. If you eat fish, you are also eating plastic. This project benefits all beings everywhere!


  • Buddhist Climate Change Project

The Buddhist Climate Project was co-founded by Zen teacher Dr David Tetsuun Loy and senior Theravadin teacher Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi with scientific input from Dr John Stanley. The website offers a wealth of ecological resources from a Buddhist perspective including, scientific articles, wisdom teachings on the climate emergency, a presentation of solutions, current news items, a blog, and other environmental resources.