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Women’s Meditation Group

A Vipassana meditation group that has been meeting weekly for twenty years has an opening.  The group meets on Tuesdays from 7:15 pm to 9 pm at a home in Albany.  We are five gentle women in our fifties through seventies.  We rotate facilitation and have a set schedule.  Each group includes sharing about our lives (with time set aside for each person), meditation, and a short period of movement.
Please contact Aimee with the information below:
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Our Berkeley Kalyana Mitta Group is seeking new members.  We’ve been meeting at our homes in Berkeley and Rockridge for over two years. We meet every other Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, beginning with a 40 minute meditation followed by a check-in which flows into a potluck.

The group is run democratically (informally). We take turns leading the meditation, and share our feelings and thoughts: personal, societal, spiritual, or our global concerns. During check-ins, some may speak about their meditation and others about their personal lives.

For help in joining our Berkeley group, starting a new group, or finding members for an existing group, click here to eMail the Group.

With Metta,
Jeff, Lori and Joel.

Kalyana Mitta is a Pali term meaning ‘dharma friends.’ Kalyana Mitta groups bring together members of the dharma community to study and share practice experience in a friendly, supportive environment. Since groups generally have six to twelve members, they afford an intimacy not always available in larger sitting groups.

Other groups usually meet once or twice a month. The format usually involves 20-30 minutes of meditation, an opportunity to check in about one’s personal dharma practice, a group discussion of an agreed-upon topic or a book the group is reading together, and between-meeting practices to support conscious action and awakening in one’s life in the world. Groups may be led by a pair of senior students or run collectively by all members (peer groups).

Click here for more information on East Bay groups that are accepting new members.

The Spirit Rock website offers a variety of resources for Kalyana Mitta groups including meeting guidelines, a list of suggested books, and a list of existing Kalyana Mitta groups in the East Bay and elsewhere.


A workshop for facilitators of Kalyana Mitta groups by Donald Rothberg and Dawn Neal with the focus on Wise Speech in the context of small groups and how to address challenging situations was recorded. If interested, go to: Kalyana Mitta (KM) Groups Workshop on Wise Speech (with Dawn Neal).