Community Building

Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley actively encourages spiritually-based friendships and a sense of community in our sangha and welcomes you to join us in the activities we offer.

  • Monthly Community Activities
    Each month IMCB offers a calendar of activities for our community. Some examples are: a book group, movie nights, hikes, daylongs, and community service. All sangha members are welcome to our events and may bring friends. View our monthly Calendar online for our events.  Consider subscribing to our email lists.
  • Community Planning Committee
    Each month a group of Sangha members gets together to socialize and plan community activities such as, book groups, films, hikes, and community service. If you have an idea for a community activity, or if you are interested in joining the Community Planning Committee, talk to someone at the greeter’s table or come to a meeting. The time and place are listed in our Calendar.
  • Monthly Community Potluck
    We have a potluck in the monastery dining hall on the first Thursday of each month from 6 to 7 pm. Please join us. As you enter the monastery, turn left and go through the double doors at the end of the hallway. Please note that the monastery requests that all potluck offerings be vegetarian and free of garlic, onions, scallions, or shallots.
  • Service
    A substantial amount of effort goes into ensuring that each class goes smoothly. Sangha members are encouraged to volunteer to help set up before class and straighten up afterwards. You may help on a regular or an occasional basis. Jobs include setting up chairs, floor sitting cushions, and the teacher’s space; sitting at the greeter’s table; greeting new sangha members; announcing community activities and giving a dana talk at the break; and returning the hall to its original state at the end of the evening. Service can also be viewed as an opportunity to practice dana and to serve and participate in the Sangha. Talk to someone at the greeter’s table for ways you can get connected.